Cat Grooming Glove
Cat Grooming Glove
Cat Grooming Glove

Cat Grooming Glove

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Put an end to shedding! Our glove-brush removes pet hair easily, gently and effectively. Perfect for dogs and cats with long and short hair. 

Mimics the touch of your hand. The five finger design allows you to easily reach and groom most areas of your pet. Can also be used as a bath brush to clean your pet’s hair, as well as a massage tool to give your pet a relaxing and enjoyable massage. 

The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel off and throw away after grooming your pet. It is machine washable and easy to clean.

Customer Reviews

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I can only say one thing! For this money, a promotional product. Copes with hurray! Ordered and on the other hand. Thank you so much!


Very satisfied. Rubber is strong. On the back of the grid. The cat first got scared, but then realized that it was not scary. The size is large, for my hand is not very comfortable, but if you put on a simple glove first, then i think it will be good.


I liked the glove, really collects wool! In the photo, it was once spent. The cat likes it, the glove is very satisfied!


The goods went relatively quickly, it's just super!!! collects so much wool... i'm straight very satisfied)


The glove is super. Painless for my cat and fast. The only thing to comb is either on the street or in the bathroom-the wool falls like needles from the tree and not all sticks to the glove. And in general-super, for your money! I'll order a second hand. The seal is excellent!